Helena Pot
Helena Pot
Helena Pot
Helena Pot
Helena Pot

Helena Pot

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North of Rome in the Lazio region rests the small town of Di Bolsena, a place once filled with potters and the home of Roberto Rosso, one of Italy’s greatest potters. Inspired by ancient Greek designs, Rosso created pottery with distinctive clay borders, a popular feature throughout the 1800s. Fascinated by the idea of a decorative rim, Steffen Berg created the Helena Pot with the remarkable scalloped border to acquire a soft yet classic-looking flowerpot. Today, Italian potters pay homage to Rosso’s masterpiece every time a new Helena Pot is moulded.

Every pot and saucer is made from the best quality Italian terracotta clay, high-fired for frost resistance and indoor-outdoor durability. 

The story of Bergs' pottery is as romantic as it is long. For eighty years, Steffen Berg has aspired to carry the finest pottery tailored for happy plants, with drainage, aeration, and moisture retention in mind. After all, “for the plants to make you thrive, they need to thrive, too.” The signature Bergs Galestro clay style was developed by Steffen and Sysser in 1986 while travelling throughout Europe to gain inspiration. In Tuscany, they found what they had been searching for; skilled clay craftsmen and imaginative pottery artisans.


  • 4.25"Round x 5.25"H
  • 5"Round x 6.25"H
  • 5.75"Round x 8.75"H


  • Galestro terracotta clay
  • Saucer is included
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Comes with drainage hole
  • Each pot is hand-made in Tuscany Italy
  • Each pot or saucer is hand-finished; some variation in colour and texture should be expected. Due to the porous quality of natural clay, items will change colour or patina over time from exposure to water, handling, and salts found in soil. 
  • Winter care: For best longevity, empty and place upside down on boards or pot feet during the winter months.

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