Pink Opal Diamond Heart Mood Charm Necklace
Pink Opal Diamond Heart Mood Charm Necklace

Pink Opal Diamond Heart Mood Charm Necklace

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LIMITED EDITION hand cut and faceted pink opal heart —this piece becomes a heartfelt homage to the depth of affection and care that enrich our lives with the compassionate, nurturing, and beloved qualities of pink opal. Stack this exquisite heart charm with a sparkling diamond bail alongside other charms - we love the mood birthstone and letter charms - to create your personalized stack. each layer symbolizes the layers of meaningful connections woven through life—a testament to the infinite beauty of love shared and received. 


  • 10k recycled yellow gold
  • Hand faceted pink opal heart
  • Brilliant diamonds
  • adjustable length: 16”, 17”, and 18”


Each piece of Leah Alexandra jewellery is handmade in her Vancouver beachside studio. Only the finest materials are used, including 14k gold fill, sterling silver, and carefully selected semi-precious stones and pearls.


When not being worn, always keep your jewellery away from light and air to prevent oxidation. The best way to do this is to keep them inside mini Ziploc bags inside your jewelry box. Never let your jewelry come into contact with cosmetics, body lotions, perfumes, or swimming pools. Turquoise and pearls are especially sensitive and extra precaution should be taken.

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