Q&A a Day |  A 5 Year Journal
Q&A a Day |  A 5 Year Journal

Q&A a Day | A 5 Year Journal

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By writing just one sentence a day in this illustrated journal, you can collect your thoughts year after year and create a beautiful keepsake to treasure forever.

Featuring gorgeous textile patterns, this journal offers a simple way to capture daily thoughts and turn them into a precious time capsule of the next five years. Turn to the day’s date and respond to the writing prompt. Then see how your answers change year after year. Questions include:

• Write the first sentence of your autobiography
• What’s the next book you want to read?
• What is the most honest thing you’ve said today?
• What’s your favorite brunch food?

A unique and beautiful new version of this phenomenally successful Q&A a Day pairs the original prompts with stunning patterns from a beloved textile designer.

Hardcover: 368 pages

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