Mama Necklace | 14K Gold
Mama Necklace | 14K Gold

Mama Necklace | 14K Gold

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As we move through different chapters of our lives, we bear many different names. Nourisher, protector, healer, one name, though, transforms and defines a sacred and everlasting role: mama. Across many languages and cultures, ‘mama’ is often one of the earliest words uttered by infants. Made in original handwritten bluboho font, the mama necklace reminds you of the ones who bestowed that name upon you. The whimsical letters adorning the chain dance as you move, honouring your journey in this most special of roles.


  • 14k recycled yellow gold
  • adjustable length: 17" and 18"


Bluboho is a fine jewelry company that carries ethically sourced, raw and refined jewelry pieces. Bluboho creates jewelry and an experience worthy of the moments they mark. Each piece tells a story. Each experience is a memory in the making. Made in Toronto. 

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