Ba Fa Hoops
Ba Fa Hoops
Ba Fa Hoops
Ba Fa Hoops

Ba Fa Hoops

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Featuring eight small beads, the Ba Fa hoop earrings are a small token wishing for good fortune.

This collection draws inspiration from Chinese numerology and cultural symbolism. Specific numbers are regarded as lucky because of their similar pronunciation to other words. The number eight (八, bā in Mandarin, baat in Cantonese) is considered an auspicious number for its homophonous qualities to 发 / 發 (fā in Mandarin; baat in Cantonese) which means to obtain wealth.


14k gold-filled beads and hand-hammered wire


Diameter – 1"


Abacus Row is an independent brand of refined and understated jewelry. This line reflects an unexpectedly subtle approach to beadwork. Thoughtfully detailed and meticulously crafted, each piece is designed for the sophisticated individual with a discerning eye and effortless sense of style.

Crafted in-house, at their production studio and showroom located in Nob Hill in San Francisco, CA. 

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